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The Zentangle Method


​The Zentangle Method was created by 2 American founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. By drawing simple structured patterns on a piece of paper (called "tile"), you would be able to maintain good focus while reducing stress levels and relaxing. There is no mistakes and/or correct interpretation with this method. Rather, you can redirect your concept of "mistakes" to "a new chance" or "a new evolution". Also, it is not about comparing with others to see who did better or who is superior. This method is a beautiful personal path with fun atmosphere and generously, carefully designed for almost anyone regardless his/her artistic background. There are so many of Zentangle fans around the world who are fascinated by this method with the sense of accomplishment by finishing each tile and its effectiveness they find. You would be able to deepen the friendship with yourself while mindfully walking through each process.

Drawing tile after tile, you may notice something different within, maybe it is subtle but that small difference could lead you to more for coming across. 

The Zentanlge Method supports your journey with gentle and inspiring manner.

​For more information, please visit Zentangle official website.

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